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Chief-Instructor: Dan Carter
Dan founded practice Tai Chi in 2012 in order to share his extensive knowledge and practical experience of Tai Chi, promote it's life enhancing benefits and help people to achieve the most out of their Tai Chi practice. Originally starting out in martial arts at the age of 16, Dan trained and competed in boxing, kick-boxing and karate. But after 15 years he began to feel like something was missing and started exploring more esoteric approaches to training. Then in the early 1990's a friend introduced him to Tai Chi and something clicked - it was like he'd come home. The slow, soft continuous movements, use of relaxed strength and deep meditative breathing combined with a Daoist philosophical approach to life had a transformative effect on his mind, body and practice. Dan spent the next 18 years studying Tai Chi and Chi King with Master Graham Horwood, who had learned directly from Chu King Hung, third-adopted-son of Yang Sau Chung, becoming one of his senior instructors. During a martial pilgrimage to China with some of his peers, Dan trained with the head of Yang Family Tai Chi: Master Yang Zhen Duo and studied Daoist exercises with Master Wang Li Shen at Wudangshan, the legendary birthplace of Tai ChiDan continues to study Tai Chi with Master (7th Dong) Huang Ping (pictured above), National Wushu gold medalist and former state coach for Yunan, whose organization Dreaming Dragon is based in London, UK.

Associate Instructor: Peter Wood
Nicknamed 'the old master' Peter was right back there at the beginning of the martial arts explosion in the UK in the 1960's. After 30-plus years of Judo, Jujitsu, Karate and Kendo, including training with the national squad, Peter made the shift to Tai Chi which he sees as a truly complete system for integrating the mind and body without the wear and tear normally associated with other types of martial arts and physical exercise. Peter currently runs his own club in Essex teaching Tai Chi while continuing to study Tai Chi and Ba Gua with Master Huang Ping.

Associate Instructor: David Valentine
Like his friends and martial-brothers above David first started out learning Karate as a teenager but it was when he began complimenting this training with Yoga that David began to recognize the potential for relaxed movements and aligned posture - improvements in speed, flexibility and power. Tai Chi was the natural progression, which David has now been practicing and teaching for over 20 years. David also practices Ba Gua, body-weight training and evolutionary approaches to health and fitness.

"Body, mind, and spirit have one curious quality: if they cease to be exercised they stop growing... that is why, no matter how much you have accomplished and no matter how old you are, you must keep exercising all parts of yourself."

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